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First when I ordered my two recliners they were NOT advertised as Rocking Recliners! I did not want a rocking recliner and specifically sought out the one that did NOT say Rocker Recliner. So, since it did not say it was a Rocker Recliner, I was expecting a regular recliner. I got the Rocker Recliner. Then discovered one of the recliners did not have any padding on the arms when opened in a reclining position! This was obviously constructed very poorly. Then the large sofa that has a recliner at each end started showing it's flaws in construction. Where the reclining part meets the stationary part started showing a huge gap between them when the recliner was upright.

I will say I did contact the store where I purchased the furniture and they in turn contacted Franklin Furniture and after I sent pictures showing them how the furniture was constructed they said they would replace it, which they did. So, I have no problem with customer service.

However, the replacement furniture is just as poorly constructed as the first set. Where there should be padding, there isn't and the places that do have it, it's so thin, it feels like there isn't any there. The couch is doing the same thing, separating from each other to the point of it looks like it might fall off!

It might last another year or so, but I'm not holding my breath. I've learned my lesson and will NEVER buy anything from this company again. Take my advise and if you are considering buying any Franklin Furniture make sure you test it out in a store first.

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